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Innovative gutter systems, gutter guards, coils and more

With locations across the nation, Spectra Gutter Systems is the largest manufacturer and distributor of gutter systems in the U.S.

We’re local and can get you the gutter systems you need, quickly


Protect Your Home with Spectra’s Innovative Leaf Series Gutter Solutions

Offering a range of innovative gutter guard products, including the Leaf Screen, Leaf Guard, Leaf Lock, and Leaf Block, designed to protect homes from clogged gutters and water damage, with options to accommodate different types of debris, roof styles, and installation preferences.

Elevate Your Building Project with TrueCoat Aluminum Trim Coil

Spectra’s Trim Coil offers a durable and low maintenance solution for exterior trim needs. The company operates multiple U.S. based industrial coating lines that deliver ASTM certified materials in standard and custom shapes using their TrueCoat paint system in partnership with Valspar by Sherman Williams.

Protect Your Home’s Foundation and Landscaping with Spectra’s Direct Flow System

Spectra’s Direct Flow System is a cost-effective and flexible downspout extension solution that helps protect a home’s foundation and landscaping by diverting rainwater away from it.

Efficient and Reliable Tools for Professional Gutter Installations

Spectra’s range of professional-grade tools and accessories is designed to make gutter installations easier and more efficient. With advanced solutions such as the durable and versatile KWM Ironman Gutter Machine, as well as a variety of tools and accessories like sealants, paints, hangers, and more, professionals can work more efficiently and with greater ease.

Spectra Metal Spec Sheets

Click on the image to review the Letter of Certification and Spec sheets for each of our gutter materials. 

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