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The #1 Brand of Vinyl Siding in North America

Our vinyl soffits offer the beauty of freshly painted wood without the maintenance. Unlike wood, our vinyl soffit panels resist water, rot and insects making them ideal for high-moisture areas. Choose from solid and vented options to create the ideal look and ventilation for your home. We also offer a variety of colors, textures and styles.

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Siding Sytles

Lap Siding

Lap siding runs horizontally in long, even planks. The panel sizes, textures and finishes vary, depending on the specific style

Shake & Shingle

Molded from hand-tooled, rough-sawn cedar shingles, Ply Gem shake & shingle and half-round panels.

Vertical Siding

As its name implies, vertical siding – also called Board + Batten – attaches straight up and down. It tends to make homes look taller and more contemporary. You can mix vertical and horizontal siding for a dramatic effect.

Choose accents in shades that complement your siding for a seamless look or pick a contrasting color as a bold accent.

Mastic Vinyl Soffits

Mastic vinyl soffit is available in multiple profiles, textures and colors, providing options for any budget. And when coordinating or complementing vinyl siding, you can be sure of getting the exact color you want. Use it to cover or ventilate, or use non-ventilated panels as a vertical siding accent.

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